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          而增城蘭溪香花生油廠生產的“趣咀福”品牌花生油,則在生產環節就被檢出黃曲霉毒素B 1超標10多倍。黃曲霉毒素的危害性在于對人及動物肝臟組織有破壞作用。市食安辦表示,如果使用劣質的原料生產,如霉化的花生、菜籽、玉米等生產食用油,就有可能造成黃曲霉毒素超標。




        The guangzhou food safety office announced yesterday that 30 batches of food, including French soft bread and peanut oil from "qiaozuifu", were unqualified. Among them, "panpan" French soft bread was found to exceed the standard of microorganism, and "qiaozuofu" brand peanut oil was found to exceed the standard of aflatoxin B1 by more than 10 times or damage liver tissue. Unqualified food has been removed from shelves, sealed up and recalled.
        Guangzhou food agency in circulation, for food processed products, dairy products, meat products, edible oil, spices, wine roasted seeds and nuts, candy products, food and nut products a total of 855 batches samples, checking out of the 18 batch unqualified food. Among them, the well-known fujian jinjiang fuyuan food co., ltd. produced "panpan" brand of French soft bread fungus total exceeded the limit.
        In addition, the total number of bacteria produced by xiang shun wang food factory in xiangyin county, hunan province, known as "weizhilang", has exceeded the standard by more than 3,000 times. In addition, some meat products, aquatic products, pastries, Fried foods, nut products and soy products were also found to have microbiological indicators that did not meet the relevant standards.
        However, the "qu tsui fu" brand peanut oil produced by lanxi peanut oil factory in zengcheng was detected to exceed the standard of aflatoxin B 1 by more than 10 times in the production process. Aflatoxin is harmful to human and animal liver tissues. The city food safety office said aflatoxin levels could be exceeded if low-quality raw materials such as moldy peanuts, rapeseed and corn are used to produce cooking oil.
        City food Ann did, said the regulatory department has found the unqualified product of sampling observation in accordance with law, implement the shelves, storage, recall, notify relevant regulators, according to the rules of production and business units in accordance with the law of unqualified food is investigated. Specific list of unqualified products can be found on guangzhou food safety information network.