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          近日,深圳檢驗檢疫局前海灣保稅港區辦事處檢出一批7362升、貨值8464.98歐元的法國產天然飲用水菌落總數超標,檢測值為3200 CFU/mL,不符合我國國家標準《瓶(桶)裝飲用水衛生標準》(GB 19298-2003)中菌落總數≤50 CFU/ml的規定。目前,該局已對上述貨物作退運處理。




        Recently, the inspection and quarantine bureau of Shenzhen bay bonded port area office before check out a batch of 7362 litres, value of 8464.98 euros French colonies producing natural drinking water, total values of 3200 CFU/mL, is not in conformity with the national standard in our country the bottle (barrel) drinking water health standard "(GB 19298-2003) in 50 CFU/mL or less of the total number of colonies. At present, the bureau has been handling the above-mentioned goods.
        The total number of colonies reflects the quality of food hygiene to a certain extent. The food that consumer edible fungus falls the total amount exceeds standard, easy to suffer the bowel disease such as dysentery, still can cause vomiting, diarrhoea and other undesirable symptom, endanger health.
        So far this year, the shenzhen inspection and quarantine bureau has detected the total number of imported food colonies. In mid-september, the agency also found that the total number of colonies in a batch of American concentrated cherry juice was excessive. To this end, shenzhen inspection and quarantine bureau has been deployed to strengthen the detection of microbial projects in food, strictly guarantee the quality and safety of imported food, and earnestly protect consumers' rights and interests.